New Feature Alert: Enabling content sharing by email in IBM Cognos Analytics

Up until now, there hasn’t been an easy and straightforward way to capture, modify (i.e., highlight or annotate on the image) and share content with coworkers directly from the Cognos portal.

The end-users first had to take a screenshot and get that into MS Paint or some graphics editor to modify the image, either that or export the report to excel and modify it over there. Once everything was ready, then attach to email before sending it on its way.

While the above process works, the user experience was not great. With the release of Cognos Analytics 11.1.3 version, the users can share content via email right from the portal. IMO the good folks at IBM Cognos Analytics R&D department have hit a home run in terms of collaboration with this.

Sharing content via Slack was released a couple of versions back, but with 11.1.3, you can modify the image and send it via outlook.

For many users, this has been a feature that they have been waiting. I have listed the steps below




and there is a helpful article on the IBM site which explains it via neat GIF.

Link to IBM site: Share your content by email

and steps for configuring your server to share content via email can be found here.

Link to IBM site: Enabling content sharing by email

Currently, Whenever our users notice any issues with reports/dashboards, they follow the process I had listed above when they reach out to production support. This new feature will be of tremendous help to them and make it easy to share content and collaborate in general.

Folks at IBM R&D get enough grief about the bugs in CA and rightfully so in some instances. But credit where credit’s due, BIG KUDOS to them for releasing this feature. Great Job!!! now pls fix the other bugs and stop asking me to upgrade every time I report a bug  😁😁

Note: If you are worried about what can be shared and who can share content in your organization then, it can be controlled to suit your Organization needs by following the steps listed on the link below.

Link to IBM site: Selectively disabling content sharing by email

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