Python Python Python!

Finally, I am back to updating my beloved site.

For quite some time now, My team and I have been busy learning and integrating Python with our Inhouse BI tools. Mainly IBM Cognos Analytics(CA), Planning Analytics(PA), and Tableau..etc.

One of the main reasons, We have gone the Python route apart from it being uber-cool is to meet our ever-evolving business requirement.

When the budget is tight (i.e., no money to buy the shiny new software which makes our job more manageable). A little bit of Python magic usually saves the day.


Some of the areas where Python has helped are

And of course for doing some Data Science’ee stuff by building some Predictive models for predicting Plan and Forecast…more on that later.

While I feel like we have not even scratched the surface of what we can do with Python, the future looks promising!

So starting now, I will be sharing all the neat code ( IMO that is 🙂 ) which I find useful and which help us with day to day work and blogging them.

Drop me a note if you find it useful.

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