Enabling Expand/Collapse on double-click


If you as a user or as an organization use multi-dimensional or OLAP models for reporting, you’ve often run into cases where users want to drill up and drill down on a dimension. While it is a value added feature, a more seamless and intuitive option would be to expand and collapse a row level member instead of replacing it with it’s children.

In this article, we ‘ll talk about expanding and collapsing a member used in a crosstab row. We will update the “DefaultSettings.xml” file location in the following folders.



Note: All the changes are to be made in the DefaultSettings.xml in both folders. Once saved, it is required to restart Cognos Analytics service for the settings to take effect. Also, these changes are global and applicable to all users and authors regardless of their permissions.

Here’s a screenshot of what the default options looks like when Drill up or down links are enabled.


These settings can be defaulted to “Expand or collapse member” on double-click so the parent member is retained and children appear as nested hierarchy (similar to tree prompt).

  1. Open DefaultSettings.xml file
  2. Search for DoubleClickMemberMode
  3. Change property  defaultValue from “drill” to “expandCollapseMember”2
  4. Save file

Next time Report Studio is opened, you will notice in report this property is defaulted to “Expand or collapse members”. Note that a service restart is needed for the changes to take effect.


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