IBM Cognos 11.1.4 is here – October 2019

IBM Cognos released Cognos 11.1.4 version today. I have listed the major items ( IMO that is) below. 

One of the significant items they are making available with this release is integration with D3, Highcharts, iCharts…etc. This is very cool stuff. The only drawback is that you would need know Javascript to make this integration work, but there are samples to get us started. 

Redesigned Welcome Section on the Home Page 

  • Alerts Banner, which can be used to convey alerts such as daily ETL load delays, Application maintenance, Data issues…etc. to end-users.
  • New Welcome page that can be toggled On/Off.

New Visualizations are available 

  • Waterfall visualization now available in Dashboard.
  • Forecasting now possible in Line/Column visualization

Note: Custom visualization will work in HTML mode for now.         

Weather company data now available as a data source, but charges apply 🙂

Jupyter notebook data in a report

Note: Jupyter notebook data in a report will work in HTML mode for now.

Crosstab is getting a makeover

The users can now resize column width and row height, hide/show columns, search  

Data Module updates:  Modelers now have the ability to create groupings of Data using Data modules

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