Print entire Cognos Analytics Report in HTML

Ever wondered if there was a way to print directly from a Cognos report or Dashboard, then this post for you!

We have quite some instances where our end users wanted to print directly from the page. The default method is to either export the report to PDF/Excel, then print it out or print using the browser print functions, which yield weird print results.

During the last “Ask me anything” session held by Cognos. I had asked them if it was possible to print directly from the page. Rachel Su responded to my query that printing straight from the HTML page was possible, and she was kind enough to share a sample report XML specification with us.

So kudos to Rachel and the IBM team involved in preparing this solution. Also, these “ask me anything” sessions are great, so please keep them going.

I have loaded the report XML into my Github space and listed the link below.

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