Automate Cognos Powerplay Cube Build Script

I was attending an IBM Cognos webinar today. One of the questions asked was related to automating Cognos transformer cube build, and if there was any way to get notified upon cube build success/failure notifications.

Based on those questions, I wanted to share a couple of posts on those topics in a series of posts.

Below you will find code with which you can automate your Powerplay cube builds. You can kick batch file with Scheduler of your choice, or get your ETL process to kick it off at the very end of your Data Warehouse update.

You can find the actual file in my Github page via this link.

I have also listed the link to transformer command-line options on the IBM options. You add or modify the options to the script I have listed based on your business requirement.

We are currently leveraging Python to parse through the cube build log file and notify us if the cube build was a success or failure. I will be sharing that code in another post shortly. Send me a note if you have any questions on getting the above to work or need more information.

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