IBM Cognos Analytics Quick Tip: Displaying Filter Information as breadcrumbs dynamically on the report.

In the old days of Cognos Query Studio, the Filter conditions that were being applied to the report appeared as breadcrumbs dynamically by default. The end-users could easily see the filters as bread crumbs as they were building the report providing better user experience for analyzing the data.

In Cognos Analytics, displaying Filter information as breadcrumbs does not appear by default. I have had quite a few end-users ask me if there is any way to show the filter information as breadcrumbs on the report page. That is other than having to click on the Filters icon and selecting “Edit Filters” to see them.

The answer is Yes! You can dynamically display filters that are being applied by performing a couple of simple steps mentioned below.

Now i wish if there was way make this the default behavior.

Note: The Filter text can be formatted just like any other objects in design mode.  

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